FROM 1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 19, 2005 – 2130hrs UTC

2130hrs 19 Oct 2005 UTC 40’05”S 009’30”E Ref 460

Now easing but still some big waves amplifying across the swell and smiting us might blows upon our tender sides. There should now be up to a day of relative calm then it’s on again bigtime from the north, backingnorth west. We have climbed to the north and will continue to do so and try to get as far from the hard stuff as we can. The Examiner seems to be on the road again in boots and leathers.

Limited contact with Sailmail but will continue to use when possible.

Hot meal earlier – can of Asda chunky chicken in indeterminate cream sauce with can of corn and can of spuds absolute magic. That Pete is a genius.

Will send this while we have contact.

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