FROM 1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 20, 2005 - 1800hrs UTC

1800hrs 20 Oct 2005 UTC 39’25”S 010’47”E Ref 465

We had a small Trafalgar-Day-on-the-Dateline rum for the dead on both sides and we’re due for another in our own timezone tomoz. Would a’ been nice to have been in Port Stanley – JMB, hope you have a good one.

And we’ve just had our evening G&T as the sun set almost directly astern behind some formless soft grey cloud that gradually emerged into ridges and layers as the sun gave it some backlight. Not a lot of attitude there  – we were expecting – and I think will still get – some more serious biff out of it but it may have slowed down a bit. Still a huge swell and 40 kts for a couple of days over the top of it will be something straight from the Examiner.

There’s a new Albatross – lighter coloured, with a white head and beak, light grey wings with white slashes about a third of the way out and dark tips under the wings. Maybe 2.5metre span – about as big in the body as a small goose.

Fenwick – your erudition constantly amazes – where have you been hiding it? Is this a manifestation of The Cringe? Perhaps if you were to shave once a week or so and wash occasionally, people would give you the respect your obvious talents deserve. Say G’day from us at the Lord Howe briefing – the first we’ve missed for a long time – and Hi to Campbell and Craig and Clive and all on the Island. Good luck with the shirt auction.

Mark – thanks for port info – I’d forgotten about Albany but that’s clearly the way to go if we do need to call in. Steve will forward your info as we get closer. Thanks re the Ampair – we’ve got all the bits – wind kit, towing frame etc – all we really need is the actual generator body. Ours is still putting out some charge and every day gets us closer. I think that with careful conservation, we will make it across, even using sailmail and the HF and might manage direct to Hobart. Far too far out to speculate. We’ve yet to pass Africa.

From Jez R. Essex, UK

Kids and father thrilled by news of Pirates and Princesses from the southern ocean.  Bedtime a major success here, kids sleeping soundly and I’m about to take a consultation of my own. 

Keep the miles and the words coming, and I’ll keep L, J & H up to date with your adventures.

Lizzie, Joe and HarveyKevvo says Hi – in his tinny and rather squeaky voice. He’d wave as well except that his hands are holding the tiller lines really tight so he doesn’t let go. No princesses yet, though a big seabird called an albatross nearly pooed on him yesterday.

20/2200 and the wind is coming in – 25 – 30 now and we’ve dropped the main and set the 4 in anticipation of quite a bit more. But we’re heading east, 400 to the barn door and the I.O.

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