FROM 1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 22, 2005 – 0920hrs UTC

0920hrs 22 Oct 2005 UTC 39’39”S 014’36”E Ref 472

db: dmg 114, gps 106 (crashes) day’s run 101 – all looks a bit fishy. 63/47 – also looking a bit pear shaped. these storms were not in the equation. short burst of unshine – wind temporarily back to 30+. managed to get the grib – three more days of this followed by a high cell. unpleasant prospect. surface of sea has huge moving white patches, massive wind lines, horizontal spray all glistening tn the sunlight. consultaation was very welcome this morning. wendy p, we’re saving your specials – cape agulhas, half way across, cape leeuwin, se cape, iron pot. will report. waves shorter and steeper than cape horn – not as high – more savage and destructive, if that’s possible.

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