FROM 1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 23, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 23 Oct 2005 UTC 38’38”S 016’13”E Ref 476

db: dmg 13, day’s run 94, gps 114, 64/46

the schedule is beginning to thicken at the hips – i reckon we are now about a week behind. generator persists in adding some charge but getting noisier. will persevere with sailmail, but i think may be constrained to lowest frequencies so only connect at local evening + dawn. usb now closes down every time i transmit on anything higher than 10 megs. have just received satcom mailcall from steve indicating satcom still working – small panic during the night when i thought it had died as well.

sparkling day  some low cloud, 30+ knots and remains of huge swell – no longer threatening but retains lots of attitude. we are occasionally surfing down the front of it with the 5 + storm jib. slewing massively from side to side, magnified here at the nav table towards the stern – very hard to stay put. typing this in sailmail so can see font, will transfer to satcom if cannot transmit. cockpit a mess at daybreak with tangled lines, crash pump awry, stowed gear displaced. there were some big ones sloshing into it during the worst part of the storm – how long has it lasted – seems we’ve been in it for days but perhaps not. kevvo magnificent.

now – big wave has just crashed across – deluge thro taped up vent over sink, they hit with an awful bang and surge and the boat heels way over. great powers fo recovery, so far. will send.

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