FROM 1-25. Blowing a (super) gale

Oct 24, 2005 – 0500hrs UTC

0500hrs 24 Oct 2005 UTC 38’16”S 016’46”E Ref 478

We Are Not Amused. Full story later if this eventually blows thro. We’re still ok, minor damage. Running engin to charge. Will ring satphone approx 0900 utc for any meaasges  – if poss long range forecast ta. Bloody long night – everything soaked with condensation – didn’t have time in fmth to replace insulation. diff to keep computer dry. Satcop iffy, but will trty to keep turned on -pse send to both tfn. still huge waves, nasty breaks. Love yez all.

Ed: 20 mins later….

Will try quick blast while can. You’ll have to interpolate aound keyboard mistakes – good glasses still missing, also one sandal – how can you lose a sandal?? First knockdown was serious – threw me through leecloth (lesson 1 – not srong enuf) across boat in welter of gear- boat a shambles but all small stuff except big heavy draAWER UNDER NAV TABLE LIFTS IF BOAT ROLOLED TO STBD AND launches. Pete ok, laptop went flying in later knockdown little darling still running! Every wave potentially lethal thro night – much anal clenching. Have stitched together a bunk using spectra, cable ties and blind faith and should be ok – just had big crash – photos if poaa later. Having berri brekky bacon sand in ryvita and Doctor to lubricate passage. bare poling @ 3 kt NE

Schedule almost certainly stuffed – damn – will keep driving as wx imporves. May try to stay further N so Malcom, poss of contact(did i say that??)

Went around deck this am at dawn – moved banging halyards, put more knitting on main – has big tear v low down near gooseneck – not showstopper. Evidence of massive wave dumping onto cockpit – mob sling stove in etc – engine recalcitrant – bled and managed to start – battery charged – cant make water on this tack in these conditions to do with geometry of seacocks etc. (lesson 2)

Waiting for seas to abate – maybe! – then will try to sail. Birds stillall around – image of albatross in storm still vivid.

still gusting 50 – last grib 3 days old indicates calm patch in hi tomoz then another storm. Will keep trying to get north.

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