FROM 1-26. Through the Barn Door

Oct 27, 2005 - 0421hrs UTC │Cape Agulhas Rounded

0421hrs 27 Oct 2005 UTC 37’43”S 020’00”E Ref 490

Reception ok – you could probably double up, but just watch to see what I collect. Power is likely to be the main problem from here. Have turned off satcom tfn. I’m getting reasonable connects as we get closer and then -will it ever happen – past Africa. Half a mile to go…

Malcom – analysis spot on re Agulhas current. Ta.

From Chris -

Belmore South Presentation Evening

If miracles happen, your’re invited, to present the awards for Leadership & Citizenship on the 14th December. If you can’t make it, I have to present them, on your behalf and I won’t be anywhere near as interesting. As you’ve probably gathered, ours is a very multicultural school, so our presentation evening is by no means the stuffy, boring affair that other schools have. It’s more like a party.

Alex, we’ll get the choir singing Blow the Wind Southerly and Peter, I know exactly what we’ll do for your theme music.

Forget about the Times and Y.M. We now have 2 bulletin boards devoted to you in the Library and even the Kinders know who you are. That is a measure of true fame.

I know it’s an impossible ask but I just wanted you to know we’re still thinking of you .

Take care and hang on.


Chris at Belmore – Thanks for the huge honour – very sorry, but Dec 14 is out of the question without the Infinite Improbability Drive. Wot we ain’t got. Next term perhaps? Re the choir, being kids, I bet they find the fart in the song – it’s quite clear when Ferrier sings it and she had such a sense of humour that I bet she found it too.

300 metres to go…bloody current – we’re doing 6 through the water and 3.7 over the ground.

We’re over – finally! At 27/042130. Berrimilla is now in the Indian Ocean at 374312 S. WOOOOOHOOOO! Dr Wendy, one pace forward – March!

I’m now waiting until the sun gets up a bit further and I can set up the solar panel to drag it in and process it. The albatrossery once again fleetingly pink – bet you haven’t got any pink ones in the Bird Book, Peter!

From Kevin Fleming and Denise

hi  Alex @ Pete You are in one, and have good the other. Stay safe keep kevo working at west end and hopefully things will improve eastward bound. We would love to kick in some $$$ for some good footage which would like to add to our new DVD. I have a brand new Merlin still in original box (never been used) Alex it yours you have earnt it when you come home.

Kevin & Denise – there’s quite a bit of footage of Kevvo, altho it might be a bit difficult to extract – very hard to film in the really wild stuff but I’ll take a lot more from here. If your Merlin still has its program, (which it has almost certainly lost) I’d love it please – I have been kindly offered another one that has definitely expired. Can’t believe you never used it!

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