FROM 1-27. Indian Ocean Examiner

Oct 31, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 31 Oct 2005 UTC 39’22”S 028’52”E Ref 504

DB: dmg 190 GPS 131  72/38 Odd. I am getting dmg by comparing distance to go toSE Capeyesterday with today using SOB and there should not be a discrepancy like that. Not sure what is happening. I need my Merlin! 190nm is feasible but unlikely and I’m sure we did better than 131. For once, superb sailing, although we had to do a few changes, as usual. We were hitting 8 kts over the ground for a lot of the day, with Malcom’s cold water pushing us along. We still have a knot with us and the wind steady from the N, 20 – 25, with the 2 and full main. A bit of swell, from all four corners, but not yet anything to worry about. Can this be the realIndian Ocean??

We saw a huge sunfish this morning as we changed sail – at least, thats what we think it was – sort of greenish white mottled, but difficult to see its shape. Birds still with us – mostly black petrels with short curved white beaks. There was a lone Albatross sitting on the water as well – I first saw it silhouetted on a wave crest – they are very podgy and dumpy when resting and then they spread those amazing wings and just rise into the air and they become magnificent in a twinkling. We also have the stubby birds with black tops with spotted white patches topside – lovely patterns especially as the sun catches them.

Solar panel is now putting in about 4.5 amps and keeping the battery fully charged. Just needs full sunlight and careful alignment. It will not be enough to get us home on its own without working for 5 hours/day at that rate, every day, but it’s a help.

I seem to be fresh out of whimsy – just been very busy and a bit knackered. And sore – I was taking off the trisail at dawn this morning and let go in the cockpit at just the wrong moment in a roll and was sat down from about a metre and a half, right on the pointy bit of the right cheek of the bott. And left elbow. Bruised and battered, but happy to be making the sort of progress we were expecting. Will send this and see what there is from all y’all – it will certainly inspire.

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