FROM 1-27. Indian Ocean Examiner

Oct 31, 2005 - 1315hrs UTC

1315hrs 31 Oct 2005 UTC 39’35”S 029’30”E Ref 505

I’ve completely lost any sense if time or sequence. Some time in the last 24 hours – or more – we were twin poled with the 2 and the cutdown, and the trisail left over from an earlier stoush with some blast or other sheeted tightly fore and aft to see whether it helps to dampen the roll. Not appreciably, Hugh – it’s a tiny sail. Then we changed to the full main and the 2 – a big change because the tri had to go first, then a big rearrange of the headsails, poles and sheets, then raise the main and 2. Hoooning along for  a bit – some hours?? – touching 9 through the water, mostly 7’s and 8’s plus a knot of current. Then down to 3 reefs and the 5 for about an hour – not sure again – and we’ve just changed back to the trisail and the storm jib. Bloody ridiculous. And we are still doing 6’s and 7’s. NW at about 35 -40 with building sea. The last few weeks have been one long blur of sail changes, spray, unpleasantness and sunshine – a crazy cascade of images with no structure. And a sunfish and an albatross in a storm.

Got wet – yet again – during one of the changes this morning and my two layers of thermals were so sticky and horrible with salt and scroffles that I thought I should peel them. Don’t like the sight of my flaccid torso – much rehab needed. Now wearing my nice new Gill thermals direct from the factory all red and grey and the height of fashion. Thanks to the people at Gill for all the work they did restoring our gear.

From Malcom

Alex, except for a weak tongue of warm water that may intrude at yr latitude from the N at 30E you should be in waters of T 14 through 17 until 35E. Presently, there is, past 35E, a small tongue of warm water but that may have gone by the time you get there. 

Malcom – thanks for info – a bit hard to go hunting for current, unfortunately, we’re just not fast enough, but nice to know about it in case we can find it. And what it cost to know it’s there! Can in due course.

Mark A inPerth, thanks for offer of help inAlbany. We will need to clear customs, refuel and restock the medicine chest, perhaps have a shower if there is time, and move on out. Hardly even time for a proper Consultation, but we’ll make it happen. If you can find a generator and get it down there, that would be fantastic, but the refuel will get us toSydney.

From Roger

Congratulations on rounding the corner, now full speed ahead, we’re waiting for you!
Your S2H entry has been accepted, and the Race Committee are happy to wait for everything else ( signatures, entry fee, Cat 1 safety, radio insp cert, liferaft cert etc etc) until you get here.. We’re all still following your exploits in increasing numbers.. See you in about 7 weeks

Roger, thanks for all that – we’ve just got to get there now. I will be in touch.

Ian, great poem – thanks – you’ve obviously got a handle on my gibberish! I understand from Isabella that there will soon be a glossary for the mystified. My sister knows Too Much – not sure about all that!

An idea for those who want a project and a bit of adventure in their lives – only an idea at this stage but I’d like to know if anyone is interested. The London Marathon is run in the first couple of weeks in April. I may be able to get to London, perhaps score an entry and run it. Well, plod it really. Would any of all y’all like to join me – we could have a Berrimilla team and raise a heap of cash for the relevant charity and all the runners could have their names in the book when we write it. Would be easiest for the UKresidents, but no reason why anyone from anywhere in the world who can get themselves there and score an entry shouldn’t join us – all the green and white mob in Sydney, for instance. If you are interested, could you drop a (short!)line to If you’ve never run one, there’s just time to get in enough training to give it a whirl, even though there’s an English winter coming up over there. But it’s only an idea at this stage and I wouldn’t like to quote any odds on its happening.

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