FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

On the hoof…..

We’re still very much on the hoof, making up lost ground to the East to give us some height once we get headed by the trades. MJC, water T has been 35 deg since pre Solomons – down to 34 in last 24 hrs. Another fishing boat a couple of hours ago – as before, steady bearing…these guys are lit up like PuDong for Chinese New Year and it’s impossible to find their nav lights and so work out who is give way vessel. We assumed we were and kept well clear.

Keith Cowing has just given me an acute attack of the stage fright willies by telling us where he is sending all this nonsense. Hi everyone who’s aboard via Mr C. In case you are not familiar with why – the story begins early 2005, way down at 45 S half way across the southern ocean to Cape Horn. Lovely clear night – unusual down there – and I was idly considering that we were probably the two people on earth who were furthest from any other human. And it occurred to me that perhaps once or twice a day, our actual nearest neighbours were the ISS 10 crew, 320 clicks or so above. I asked the question ‘Anyone know anyone at NASA?’ and the rest is history. We had huge fun trying to do simple science with Leroy going up the Atlantic. This gig is a direct result.

102 miles to the equator. I am now reasonably confident that we have enough diesel and water and it’s just a matter of grinding out the metres, one by one – we’re at about 6k in my version of the marathon.

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