FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

One small sip…………

One small sip for humankind, one huge sip for Yuri. We thought a Consultation in his memory at lunchtime would be appropriate and it was.

We have 3 versions of Dr Cooper’s medicinal compound this time – one brewed by Pete, one by Steve and one by Jasper – and we think that with proper abstemiousness (abstention? or maybe that’s just for the pollies)the supply will get us to Dutch. There is a small quantity of emergency rocket fuel as well, just in case.

Still headbutting the East Australian Current. About a knot here, sea temp 27 degrees, down from 28 so we might be breaking free. Mrs P @ Belmore South, Hi to the All Stars and if they need a project, the CSIRO website has lots of interesting stuff about the EAC and it’s effects. The sea surface is a metre higher and the warm water is pushed down the continental shelf from the tropics by the earth’s rotation.

Noon position 3131.34.1 15340.44.1 Not quite 100 miles I think. I’, rackint my two neurons to try to remember how I fed two positions into my Merlin calculator and it calculated the day’s run. Not necessarily velocity made good but just a distance between 2 points. Gerry, do you remember how to do it – not easily found in the instruction book. Else I’ll have to plot it and that would impinge on all the other important things

Of which more later…

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