FROM 2015 & 2016 Logs


From the DarthVader pinnacle on Anvil Mountain. The one with the sun on the left: left to right reflecting sea ice, past Sledge and Cape Rodney to the Kiluaik Range across what I think is the Snake river valley.The peak of Mt Osborne visible behind the hill centre right foregroung. Nome’s excuse for a wind generator cluster centre left foreground.When it blows here, it does so with attitude. The Examiner would have a lot of fun. The one with the sun to the right of centre: left to right:Cape Nome, along the shore to Nome wuth the harbour breakwaters and some grounded jack-up gold digging platforms, sea ice out to the horizon beyond. Then the Snake river and back to Sledge and Cape Rodney. Yesterday I drove a snowmachine on a 60 mile round trip beyond Cape Nome with Pat to survey a plot of land but the wind was too strong to manage the paper and instruments. Blowing about 30 knots with powder snow. Sadly, too difficult to take photos but some spectacular scenery. I want to go back and photograph an old dead tree that Pat thinks must have been there for about a century – the only tree anywhere out there. Ill post the photo if I get there.

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