FROM 1-8. Horn to Falkland Islands

Mar 09, 2005 – 2115hrs UTC │Pete’s Equation

2115hrs 09 Mar 2005 UTC 55’47”S 074’06”W Map Ref 111

Clench time Malcolm.  Pretty much as predicted by the grib modified by the Berrimilla fudge factor – we’re now in constant W 50 going on 60 gusting 70 and I saw a 75. Howl becoming a scream. BIG waves – at least mast height, some breaking. Bare poling directly downwind at about 5 knots and apparently reasonably comfortable. All gone very dark as rain squall dumps horizontal rain and an extra gust for good measure. We had two storm jibs twin poled in a lull that we thought was a change but clearly wasn’t. Lasted about half an hour. Managed a bit of film of that but not as exciting as now. Still heading towards the Horn, which is nice. And we just have to be patient and sit it out and hope it starts to abate. Shades of Southern NZ – successive rain squalls, big wind increases under them and unremitting. The Doctor is assisting us with tranquilising draughts. What else can I say – seems to be standard fare down here and it’s not as if we weren’t expecting it. Horn still late Friday UTC if we can keep around 5 knots on the clock. 232 to go.

For the runners, probably about 40k. Some of you will know that around here it either gets very much worse as you realise there’s still two and a bit k to go or the proximity of the finish unlocks a reserve supply of energy and spirit and you can actually speed up. Some interesting research out there on that one, to do with fooling the body’s self preservation mechanism into thinking it isn’t so hard after all. We’re very much in uplift mode but that could change very easily.

So, all yez all, be patient and sit it out with us and well try to keep you posted. May be a bit low on power because speed rather slow for generator.

Pete has been doing some calculations and he says that a double brew of 60 bottles of Coopers seems to last at least three times as long when his daughters cant get their hands on it. Suits me!

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