FROM 1-19. Senegal and Pete's Birthday

Sep 03, 2005 - 0915hrs UTC

0915hrs 03 Sep 2005 UTC 26’21”N 022’12”W Ref 328

DB: 130, 11731 (gps 131) so there’s been some progress.

A little bit of idle comparison: I ran the Falklands marathon in approximately 4.75 hours, in other words at a speed of about 4.85 knots – more or less what we must average out here. Walking pace, really. My best ever marathon was at 8.86 knots(approx 2.6 hrs) – I don’t think we are likely to get close to that here except in very short bursts. Which, of course, proves nothing – comparisons being invidious, according to Dr Johnson. What does invidious mean anyway? I think the context was that the Great Man expressed disapproval of something (London, perhaps??) and someone asked him how he could disapprove of something God had made – at which the GM grunted and said ‘My dear Sir, comparisons are invidious, but God also made Scotland’ Collapse of stout party and audience in general. To take the comparison a bit further, Paula Radcliffe, my heroine and also the world’s fastest woman over a marathon course, ran hers in about 2.25 hours or about 10.25 kts and would have beaten Emil Zatopek to his Olympic gold medal by about a mile. Not sure of my facts but I think the fastest man ran about 2.08 hours or 11.1 kts. Both absolutely mind boggling to this old dinosaur. I will contemplate these achievements over Breakfast and The Other Doctor.

David, thanks – if there’s a Eureka, see if you can follow the bulge for September from the equator southwards and describe the line it takes – probably goes towards NE Brazil, then curves across towards Cape Town from about 30S. This would have taken them behind the high.

From Malcom C.

Conserve yr Coopers.  This week another beer company has bid to take over Coopers.  May not happen quickly though.

Malcom, don’t let it happen! Coopers is an institution and we don’t want some faceless marketer changing the product to appeal to today’s youth or something. Beer must have sludge it it…

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