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Sep 05, 2005 - 2330hrs UTC

2330hrs 05 Sep 2005 UTC 21’39”N 025’09”W Ref 333

All the forecasts predict severe thundersqualls ahead of us – for me the scariest part of sailing, probably irrationally – and I can see lightning flashes over the horizon. If we disappear from the airwaves without warning, don’t panic – probably just the electronics fried by static. A strike or near miss could take out every computer chip in the boat. That would certainly fix the USB problem. We have a metal box to protect the satphone and a handheld GPS but we haven’t tested it and it may not work. Highly unlikely, but if it does happen, it is possible that we could be out of touch for a couple of months unless we can talk to a ship.

From Malcom C.

Just an idle thought, do you listen to news via radio, e.g. BBC or do you rely purely on news people email you.  How in touch are y’all with day to day events?  Such as New Orleans crisis.

Malcom, I have a tiny short wave radio (Chinese, of course) and I can sometimes get the BBC and sometimes other more exotic english speaking programs – was listening to Star Radio News from Monrovia, Liberia earlier this evening, and then got the BBC for a bit. Isabella sends us news summaries as well, so we do know about Katrina. But please keep us posted about Coopers and anything else you think we might be hanging out for news of…

Hrungecomely Blurbleflunket Gra! 2 @ 60 in one week is overdoing things a bit. And 1 @ 63 on Thursday too. A week of birthdays.

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