FROM 1-19. Senegal and Pete's Birthday

Sep 06, 2005 – 1533hrs UTC

1533hrs 06 Sep 2005 UTC 20’17”N 025’29”W Ref 335

Although where we are, local time is nearly 2 hours behind UTC. Very slow day – tooling along with the assy just filling and collapsing as the boat rolls. No fun – and hot, sticky, humid and hazy as well. The weather forecast says thundersqualls ahead  south of the Cape Verdes and, ominously, has changed it’s terminology from ‘severe’ to ‘violent’ gusts. We’ll be down to the #5 and probably the engine if we get close to one of those.

But we’re still chiselling away at the old uncarved block – or, in a mirror concept, watching the road not travelled disappearing out of reach over the horizon. We’ve knocked off over 2000 miles from about 13 which is a decent chunk.

The satphone will be on on Friday from say 0600 UTC all day (Oz evening) so you can talk to the birthday old geezer. It will cost you about $15 per minute, so you’d better work out what you want to say and then say it – no time for trivia!. The only possible showstopper might be those thundersqualls, in which case the satphone will be firmly tucked away in its box. Don’t leave messages – if we don’t answer, try again in a couple of minutes then give up. + 881 621 440078

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