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Sep 10, 2005 - 0530hrs ITC

0530hrs 10 Sep 2005 UTC 13’59”N 024’50”W Ref 346
The Cape Verdes were the first of the two big corners – now 50 miles astern, no Dancers evident, Brian, and now it’s the lonely sea and the sky for 90 days or so. It’s been quite slow and the run rate required is increasing – apologies to those not familiar with one-day cricket and the complex mathematics that every team captain has to master. I said earlier that we are sailing quite conservatively – we are, but we’re acutely conscious of the run rate and the fact that every mile scored here comes off the rate required and lowers the mountaintop – if that isn’t mixing metaphors too radically. So we’ve had the kite up for probably 50% of the time – and now we’re heading south and burning a bit more diesel on a flat calm mirror in thick haze. We have to get through the convergence zone into the Trades as fast as possible and then we will be pushed westwards again, I think, across the equator and towards the back of the high. Meanwhile, the numbers go on clicking over. We use the solar panel whenever possible, especially when it is so windless, because the turbine drag is worth 0.2 knot or 4.8 miles a day. Doesn’t matter so much when we’re doing 6 or 7.

I’ve been roundly and severeally chastised for even implying that Boags comes from Hobart when everyone knows it is brewed in Launceston. Sorry, Scott – serious lapse, senior moment even – just wanted to make sure you were still awake.

I saw the biggest meteorite – or whatever it was – I’ve ever seen last night. Huge glowing ball with a wide trail that lasted, it seemed, for several seconds. It was going more or less from south to north and it disappeared behind a cloud before it burnt up, so I couldn’t follow it all the way.

From Luis V.

Gentlemen, Been following your voyage through your web site. Vicariously sailing alongside. Thanks for the great updates.

We are constantly amazed at the number and variety of people reading this stuff – youse-all are all over the world – Luis, thanks for your note – do you sail on the Lake? How did you find us?

From Martin S., Barbados

From Barbados – Happy birthday Peter !!

I guess you are about 4 hours ahead of us, and I am being a night owlie here (it is 0215), so the sun must be up on your side of the Atlantic, and I guess you are having a special birthday breakfast fairly imminently with bacon sarnies (next time try Bajan pepper sauce instead of Tabasco – infinitely superior product!) – and of course an in depth consultation with whoever is available at the time.

Happy 60th Pete! Youze all are not such old geezers really – my dad is 74 and a keen sailor, altho he might balk at the prospect of undertaking a voyage like what the Berris are currently doing…..

Anyways, as Hugh wrote in his Berri article, and which YM had the editorial stupidity to omit, we shall dip our lids to the Berris today and join them in a virtual consultation, never mind that we are almost 2,000 miles west of youze at the mo.

Fair winds, and happy sailing times ahead – and look after that Dublin Doctor on board!

With best wishes from Martin in Barbados (and all the fan club who I have shanghaiied to be Berri followers)

Martin – nice to have news from Barbados – keep it coming. Glad you liked the Original Hugh version – so did we. Seems The Editor has worked his magic on Jo’s YW MO as well, but I hope you will get both versions. Still haven’t heard Trudi – will try harder. At 1411 GMT we are exactly 2100 miles east of you.

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