FROM 1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 10, 2005 - 1630hrs UTC

1630hrs 10 Sep 2005 UTC 13’20”N 024’49”W Ref 348

From Pete:

Pete’s birthday

Hello to everyone out there,

First, a big thankyou to everyone who emailed, phoned, and sent cards, what a wonderful response from all out there.

When I got up to take over for the morning watch, Berri’s cockpit lifelines etc. were covered in balloons Alex had spent his watch creating a carnival atmosphere for the following day. It being such an important day several consultations would be required. To maintain the required limit a noggin at the change of each watch was decided on, beginning with a taste of Dr. Boag’s best (thanks Laura). Little to no wind was the order of the day but our efforts to keep the boat moving were rewarded when late in the afternoon Santo Antao was sighted barely visible through the haze. This island was the last one we passed of the Cape Verde group and perhaps the last land sighting till Tasmania.

This may be the problem or perhaps its the light fickle winds and resultant slow progress, we need things to liven up.

Right now I think both of us would appreciate a decent blow from any direction. With the last passage from Falklands to Falmouth by the time we were in the soft spots around the equator we were half way there. With this final jaunt I think we will be about a quarter of the way, it now becomes a mind thing to stay focused and enthused. The heat and humidity don’t help, good books, music and crosswords provide a diversion but there is nothing better than a good breeze and the boat flying in the right direction to lift the spirits.

I’ve just been outside to check things,the wind has improved we’re now getting 4 knots slightly west of south…not bad.

The sun has gone down the breeze is warm and soft on the face the sky in the west is a beautiful wash of greys pink and mauve.

Can you just forget what I said about needing a big blow or some other drama to liven things up,I think I’ll make a nice cup of tea then go and contemplate that sky for awhile.

                                                         Cheers …Pete.

  ps. Isabella thanks for the cake with attitude it went down a treat with a short snort of Alex’s port.

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