FROM 1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 11, 2005 – 1430hrs UTC

1430hrs 11 Sep 2005 UTC 11’59”N 024’34”W Ref 351

1159 02434 11/1430

As we move more or less south down the longitudes, progress seems very slow – every degree of latitude is 60 nm so at best we can knock off a couple per day and the longitude doesn’t change much. As we cross the equator and start counting up the latitudes again, we may also be able to work our way east, but still rather slowly, and the degrees of longitude near the equator are nearly 60 miles as well. But further down, as we really turn for home below Africa, the longitudes are much closer together and we will start reeling them off relatively fast. Roll on the day, but there’s still about 3800 miles to go – a bit over a month if all goes well.

Started programming the HF – too hot to do much – the sweat rolls off down here out of the breeze but progress – I’ve done 40 channels including the Penta Comstat duplexes.

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