FROM 1-20. Belmore and Pete swims

Sep 13, 2005 - 1030hrs UTC

1030hrs 13 Sep 2005 UTC 09’01”N 023’10”W Ref 357

DB: 96, 10603 (gps 99) Slow, but we’re creeping south out of the ITCZ so it’s progress.

Apologies – it should have been Martin, not Michael Z. from Vienna in my last note – good sailing Martin.

Back with the tractor – just transferred fuel from Jerries into tank – very messy business and hot and sweaty too. We’re both pretty cheesy – same clothes for days, but you don’t seem to get really smelly – just that sensual Havarti/ Gorgonzola/ Roquefort/ Parmesan whiff around the pits and crutch every now and again. Clothes permanently damp – no point whatever in changing them because in 10 minutes, the next lot will be just as bad. I rinse mine in fresh water every ten days or so and I’ve got two sets going – one ready for use and one cheesy. The water goes an interesting colour – maybe one for Kim or Jude to analyse?

We have a lovely visitor – an Egret or Heron – about 30 cm high, sturdy legs with huge four toed feet with big claws, wider that its body, a beigey gold crest and with a touch of the same colour on its breast feathers, golden beak, about 4-5 cm long, bright golden irises with brown rings around the edges and brown pupils and the brightest snowy white feathers. It stands on the foredeck and flies off if we approach but doesn’t go far and returns. We’ve put water up there, but it seems to be a very long way from home and sadly, I don’t like it’s chances of finding its way back. It can only stay with us until we start sailing to windward again, so it will get a rest anyway. Looks like one of those birds that walk on water-lily leaves and catch tiny fish.

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