FROM 1-21. Equator to Left Turn

Sep 18, 2005 - 1800hrs UTC

1800hrs 18 Sep 2005 UTC 02’59”N 025’08”W Ref 372

We’ve had the same three birds with us for about a week – two very graceful flecked grey backed birds that glide around in the wavetops and settle on the water and watch us go by or sometimes park together behind us and we don’t see them for a day or so and the third is a little Black Petrel that flies and flollops around us and more or less keeps company with the other two.

Overcast and humid – short lumpy sea and we’re cracked off a bit to make the ride a bit easier. We will get headed again tomorrow but should still manage to avoid Fernando de Noronha. On present progress, we will cross the equator at about 2730W – not that far from where we were on the way up, at 2941W. Have just relented and used 5 litres of water to wash three shirts and two pairs of shorts. First litre just disposes soapy stuff through each garment in turn, then they each get 2 rinses in 2 litres. The second rinse water is just as black as the first but the things seem cleaner and smell a bit less.

From Charlie Y.

have been reading with great interest your log, your current position brings back memories of1977 we had just completed the fastnet on ballyhoo and were heading for grand canary ,barbados ,antigua,fort lauderdale where she was sold,seems like another lifetime.stan darling was our great leader , if i remember we did 7 days to the canaries and 15 days to barbados another 40 odd feet of boat made a difference.i wish you good sailing.

Charlie Y – interesting – Ballyhoo must have returned to Oz later because I started in the Sydney-Rio race in Jacqui in 1981/2 with Ballyhoo, Anaconda and a Kiwi S&S that eventually won it. We retired with a broken steering quadrant mid Tasman. I think she had a block of flats on deck by that stage. Or maybe that was Condor. Or both of them.

There’s not a lot to report, otherwise. I don’t think we’ll get to see any stars tonight, so no Southern X. We’re very much in bouncy bus shelter bash mode, but this time we’ve got some sensible cushions, so even my bum is not complaining. Yet. Pete had to apply the Purple Unguent yesterday as a precautionary measure. We are far enough from Gibraltar’s rock-rabbits for the Brits not to need to fuss.

Can’t wait to see the new Wally and Gromit – were-rabbit ideed! Missed THHGTTG in the UK too, so that’s out there as a little candle on a distant hill. Reports we got out here were not raving but it’s not easy to do some of the jokes in a movie.

From Pete & Mary

Note your progress.  Hope all is well and the wind keeps in the right direction.

Peter & Mary, nice to know you are still with us.

Roll on 1700 and G&T’s.

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