FROM 1-21. Equator to Left Turn

Sep 19, 2005 - 1700hrs UTC

1700hrs 19 Sep 2005 UTC 00’59”N 026’04”W Ref 374

The flea has walked the walk and is a relative pooptillionth of a nanometre from the aftermost point of the crevass’d and foetid pacyhdermal rump, about to peer over the edge at the rolling creasy scaly slopes below – whence it shall be downhill all the way. We just crossed 01 00N so we’re 60 miles from the edge and the G & T is being mixed as I write. Should fall over into the southern abyss in about 10 hours – with some sadness and regret, I must say. We shall consult the Doctor from Bundaberg at an appropriate moment to console ourselves. Thanks Dave.

Welcome to all the Gusts who have written to us since YM and YW hit the streets – Thank You – I hope you find your end of this as rivetting as we find this end. Stephen sends us updates and we’ve just read some of your nice words. Best thing that could have happened for Cricket, Lloyd – enjoy it while it lasts. And we’d love all y’all to contribute to The Great Shirt Buyback for CanTeen – watch this space for details…

From Charlie Y.

A truly inspirational effort and great adventure. Davenport wrote a book “”the voyage of waltzing matilda”” it finishes with their arrival in the u.k. i think she was lost in the pacific some years later she was a sister ship to Wanderer( both built by jock muir) a s.hobt. winner.W.M finished first but relegated. 

Charlie, I believe PD is still around – we could perhaps put you in touch.

As for the technical stuff – we’re pointing at Trindade, broad reaching at 6 knots with 1280 miles to go. There was a big low down there but it seems to be dissipating – we’re at least ten days away so everything is speculation anyway, but the decision will be whether to blast off towards Cape Town using the top of the low if it is still there or go back to plan A, around the back of the high if it reasserts itself.

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