FROM 1-21. Equator to Left Turn

Sep 23, 2005 - 0330hrs UTC

0330hrs 23 Sep 2005 UTC 06’11”S 026’48”W Ref 382

Still broad reaching south and a bit west – not sure whether we are actually getting closer to Oz but it’s definitely good progress and great sailing. And getting cooler too.

It has been a lot of fun talking to Belmore South and a nice diversion. We hope the kids got as much out of it  as we did. Did anyone pick up the bit on the cheesy feet bacterium?

From Kevin O’S.

Congratulations on showing that a small older boat(I am the owner of Stormy Petrel) can still rate against the high tech modern boats ,a great result in the fastnet .I am in awe of your trip so far and await to hear about the trip home,Good Luck 

Kevin O’ – I don’t know about rating against modern exotics – in long ocean races, luck is as important as skill – you need both in abundance, and this year was a good year to pick to do a Fastnet in Berrimilla.

From Diana H.

Subject: What Do Points Mean?

In case no one mentioned:  you got the RORC Seamanship Trophy “”For an outstanding act of seamanship BERRIMILLA, (Brolga 33) Alex Whitworth/Peter Crozier””
it says in their annual awards listing.
I was at RORC last night and u got a v loud round of applause
many congrats!

Diana, thanks – i didn’t understand the subject line about Points – am I being obtuse? I sent you a direct email and it bounced – your virus scraper not liking our sailmail address?

From Charlie Y.

i dont think it was ballyhoo that started the syd/rio as when she was sold she had a total refit , was painted blue and went back to the med. as misstress quickly for the second half of her carreer. she gave a lot of yachties alot of fun over the an interesting aside to our arrival in the west indies we came accross two ex. aussies yachts, freya which stan darling had navigated to her three wins, owned then by a canadian couple, still with her syd/hob plaqes and a little 30′ double ender carronade(swanson) that had been sailed like you by three intrepid aussies from syd. to cape/horn in the mid sixties i think.they took a big hit and were lucky to make it ,owned by a young yank who had singled  handed it down from the us east coast.where are they now.? that was 28 years ago. keep dry, and keep those miles ticking over.

Charlie – I’ll find out which boat it was in the Syd-Rio – it was big and black. I wonder who the aussies in the Swanson were.

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