FROM Village Girl

Shades of the S2H

I remember several Sydney Hobarts over the years when we’ve been off NE Tasmania still heading south and being passed by the line honors winner going north to start toe Gold Coast race. We’ve just been passed by Angry Beaver going south. Almost double the S2H margin. More on the equation – this race is about headbangery and resilience and skill but at some point prudence and seamanship start to influence things. Do we wait here for as long as it takes to get through to Knox Bay – basically, until the wind changes, I think – or do we pull the plug and go have fun elsewhere. We will listen to tne next medium term forecast, maybe have another go on this evening’s flood (when the forecast says 30kt so iffy at best)and then decide. This isn’t much fun – and, of course, wasn’t meant to be – and we throw away weeks of effort if we do pull out, so it’s a big decision. We can hang around for a week if we decide to so that’s where we’re at. This morning’s effort was clenchmaking of the nethers in the extreme and silly to repeat. ————————————————- 

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