FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator


Sunrise. We’ve been motoring all night at about 4 knots. We seem to be out of the current – just a tiny remnant. Still no wind but the grib says this afternoon…Lovely morning, stoked to be alive stuff – the sky is misty blue with a layer of angel dust ice crystals way up high, then a bit of fluffy altoCu, intricately patterned like the wonderful silk lace the old Maltese women used too make as they sat in their dooorway, cirrussy marestails with wind blown hair trailing behind, mid level puffs of Cu and ordinary cu in cottonballs everywhere. And, best of all, for a few minutes as the sun rose I could see shadows spearing off to the west, cast against the ice crystals by each cloud – rather like being in the sun’s cage for a while as I had a contemplative McVities dunk.

Tried a restore of the dead laptop and thought we were winning as it chunnered away to itself for half an hour or so but in the end it sent us an error message saying it could not restore because there had been an improper shutdown. I don’t recall shutting it down, but there ya go! I think it will become bait for the next Krikkit robot that tries to barge in on us.

We’re settling in. Berri less cluttered as we gradually find space for the last minute load stuff and this little bit of driving will use some diesel too so we will be able to drop some out of the big bag on the cockpit floor into the main tank. Will be bliss for a while when we can get rid of that bag. But we’re still packed like I imagine a Progress module must be. We must eat our way through a lot of it.

I saved my Guardian Weekly and New Scientist for the last couple of months, still in their plastic wrappers and I’ve just retrieved the earliest of them – crosswords and brainfood. Rationed to one of each per week. Today perhaps, the BBC world service on the short wave radio. Michael’s CD’s and even Ipods too. More on Ipods later perhaps, but, K, thanks for the playlist and I see exactly what you mean.

Time to walk around and make sure nothing is falling off.

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