FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

So far so good………1st message from onboard

I think the last one began ‘Seems our daft venture has begun…’

We’re off Long Reef heading north. Wooohooo. Kevvo is driving away happily down the back being serenaded by Lizzie the Whizzer on her tower above his head. Lizzie is pumping wiggly amps into the battery, we’ve made a couple of litres of water and all’s well with the world.

Nice gentle departure. Customs duly arrived, cleared us and we were ready to Consult with lots of nice people who came along to see us off. Sparkling day. Slowed down so Hilary and Kimbra could get up to North Head to wave us away – and there were Fiona and Tory and Terry and assorted duckies keeping us company.

And now 6 hours later, an orange crescent moon is setting over Terrigal, Barrenjoey is astern and Norah Head is out in front. We’re drinking lime juice cordial made with freshly squeezed ocean and McQ has just constructed the BEST bacon Buttie ever. Ships anchored all along the coast, half a knot of current against us and not enough wind to push us through the swell so we have the engine ticking over to maintain some average speed – 28 miles leaves 5972 to go

Current position 3329.05.1 15128.33.4

Lets see whether this works…

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