Stephen Jackson

Role & Personal Story

Stephen is an IT nerd by profession who likes to get out and about a bit.  Years ago he was out running with his club, the Sydney Striders, when he made the mistake of admiring a yacht moored on Pittwater. Running beside him was Alex, and from there a firm friendship of similar foolish minds began. What followed was Twilight sailing, then Lord Howe, and subsequently Sydney to Hobart races all in Berrimilla.

Married with 4 kids, Stephen takes time to feed the inner beast with quiet trips around the globe. To date he has skydived onto the North Pole (the real one, not the magnetic one), run across the Sahara Desert, and mountaineered in Europe, NZ, Nepal, and South America.  Some 50+ marathons and a few ultras have dotted his existence including far flung locales such as East Timor, Marrakesh, Moscow, Mt Fuji, and Beijing.  

Webmastering for Berri on the first circumnavigation was a learning experience for all concerned, but having the sat phone number for the International Space Station is a story that gets told over and over again.

Land-based Support