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The properties of spinach

Is anyone else old enough to remember Popeye the Sailorman and his spinach? A can poured into his mouth, somehow missing his upside down pipe and into his gullet and his biceps bulged like soccer balls. Hilary made us some spinach curry and sent it with us frozen – We finished it earlier in the week and I’m sure that’s why I can run again – the leg seems to have come good and we’ve run 30k this week. After 3 months off, it’s been hard but it seems to work again. Any Eagles out there, take note. The Plan – pace the Examiner – is to leave Newcastle early tomorrow and head south. The weather is giving us a little window and we’ll probably duck into Pittwater again and explore some of the lovely anchorages. Megan will be in charge of the sailing – it’s fun having her along, even though it’s sad we couldn’t go back to Nome. She grew up on the edge of the Arctic Circle in a family of practical survivors and she is a very fast learner – just looks, listens, gets it and does it. Cool. Regarding Nome, I don’t like hindsight on difficult decisions but it really does look like a good one. The Aleutian Low and the trades are firmly against out predicted track and while things change, this looks to be solidly established. Megan says the Aleutian Low sometimes sits there all year and causes all sorts of mayhem. Check out I think our AIS tracker may be misbehaving – if anyone has been following, our last known position on the marinetraffic site was out at sea on our way north. The gizmo says it’s working properly so later today I will try to diagnose using the software. Appendages crossed. More as it happens alex

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