FROM 2-12. Lisbon-Equator

Them old CZ blues…

I think – firmly grabbing the nearest wood – that we've cleared the dreaded convergence zone. All the nasties seem to be to the north and we've tacked onto about 200 towards St Peter & Paul rocks just north of the equator at 29W. If the GRIB is right, (and it's been a bit off for the CZ), the wind should free us tomorrow to head nearly south. Us'll see. I'll send for another with this and collect it in the morning – more economical that way – Iridium charges by the call and by the minute.

Not much to add – hot and humid again and we're plodding along. A couple of solitary birds in the last two days, both, I think, larger versions of Storm Petrel but not close enough for more detail. No sign of recovery form the HF. Can't get the SatC to talk to the computer – I think a com port problem – will try with different computer when I can summon the energy to drag out all the stuff from the quarter berth to find it.

Love yez all. Keep talking to us!

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