FROM 2-13. Equator-Cape Town

Thump and bang and grot

2015/4th position 3419 01307 pointing directly at CT but we are getting a 25 degree knock to the NW from the current. SPBF. the GPS trip log reads 7517 miles from Falmouth and we've got 252 to go at a vmg of about 2 knots. Monday not looking good.

I didn't like this bit of Africa the first time we were here in 2005 and I still don't like it. We are bashing into 25 knots apparent in big SW swell with steep wind waves from the east in rain squalls and grot. I've just put the second reef in and got a faceful of water for my trouble. Bleeah! Almost time to get out the helmet and facemask.

In the daylight overcast, the water looks light grey and it seems to be soapy – Berri's passing seems to create sudsy froth. Odd. Portuguese men of war in their thousands, their tentacles tangled and wound into knots around the safety line we tow astern. Pete put on the rubber gloves and cleared them off but they will be back.

Happy arsebone in the ascendant! That milk crate makes such a difference, as does having the BBC world service.

Doug, if it's not too fraught when we can see the Cape Town lighthouse, if we ever get that far, we'll send Susan Knight some jellybabies – kept some specially for her.
Carol, thanks for passes – thick overcast and grot and no chance at the mo.

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