FROM Village Girl

Warp speed - not

Still the wrong side of a strong wind warning, with 20 – 30 forecast for tonight. Right over our ebb tide, so we stayed put. We can see the channel boiling away half a mile out and we don’t need a repeat of this morning. Even here in our sheltered bay we’re rolling all over the place. We saw R2Ache go past and into a bay we thought about this morning. Might have been a good choice, in retrospect. It may have taken them past the funnel effect that seems to be our lot and I think they may be on their way by now. I hope so – they done good to get this far. The forecast for tomorrow is no better – we’ll go look early in the morning. Apologies for the dismal progress. At the moment, we are looking in danger of the Grim Sweeper. My estimate is at least 18 more days to Ketchikan. ————————————————-

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