FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

We interrupt this broadcast......

To give a couple of hints and tips about messaging. This is not about discouraging people from sending messages. They are after all extremely important for the jollity and sanity of the crew. All messages put in the Gustbook are transmitted every 24 hours. Unless they are disqualified by size, in which case they are edited (more time consuming this end) and go later. Now and again the sinuous link that is sailmail cannot get through. Alex, then has to use the satellite phone to download the email sent from here. This costs $12USD per minute. You can see the problem. So the trick is; don’t use too many words (50 maximum);don’t use carriage returns let the Gustbook do that for you (that goes for emails as well). When you send an email here via contact please put in the subject line: ‘message for berri’. That will be hugely helpful for sorting.

Don’t insert blank lines as spaces like the one above here.
Because they all have to be removed manually, consuming more time. So keep them coming and sign them off without a space like this. Thanks Speedy.The preceding message (excluding the picture)contains 190 words and is 2 Kilobytes in length and we can only send 6k at a time.

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