FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator


End of yips, perhaps, with wooden head firmly touched.

We’re now 3 miles north of Coffs and about 85 miles out. McQ asleep but will surely rejoice when she surfaces for her watch. Just gybed and now pointing directly at the San Cristobal waypoint 1255 miles ahead. We’re still banging into about 2 knots of current so our vmg is only about 4.7 kts – gloom! – 11 days to the waypoint AGW. Frustrating, but nowt to do!

Sun just rising – glowing pink contrail from the NE – looks like 4 engines, so perhaps Air France, if they still exist, from Nouvelle Caledonie. Last night I could see the commuter trails between Sydney and Brisvegas – yeeehaaa – know where I’d rather be making a trail.

Berri very fat and heavy but still hikes along remarkably well and very easy to drive. Tends to dive into the waves a bit sometimes which is to be expected but no dramas. Interesting puzzle with the AirGen wind generator. It whizzes away happily but doesn’t seem to put much charge into the battery and doesn’t actually overcome the drain from the systems. I looked at the manual and it says the thing is supposed to maintain about 12.5v in the battery, which it does but the battery was still down to about 82% this morning and I’m running the donk to fill ‘er up. We have enough diesel to run for a couple of hours each day, which we need to do to make water anyway, so again, no dramas. But it’s odd. Or the Xantrex monitor is not properly calibrated.

Nearly Yuri time in Louisiana and Texas. Satphone at the ready.

Just looked outside in full daylight – big swell from the south, perhaps 5 metres, and confused and lumpy.

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