FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

0002.27N 16340.26 DownunderMars becomes TopsiderMars

We crossed the equator at 20.25.53 UTC at 16339.931E on what, my diary tells me coincidentally, is Ascension Day, National Day of Prayer and Workers Day. That seems to cover quite a lot of us. Neptune was properly placated with a couple of tots from Brian Shilland’s little plastic bottle of S2H Bundy and we opened Kimbra’s goody bag to find a tiny bott of pink champagne, a party hat and a party whistle each. Yeeeehaa! McQ put a message in one of the little bottles and off we go again.

We toasted all y’all and moved on to thinking about half way. This leg of the journey covers almost exactly 90 degrees of latitude – a quarter of the earth’s surface – so I have arbitrarily decided that 11 N, 660 miles away, will be half way. Actually, great circles, tacks, island groups and all the other complications of navigation will conspire to move it all around.

Just had a lovely call from Speedy. Onya mate! He’s sent us a crossword – Kris, you’ve got competition! – so I’ll try and pull it in.

Anyway, Milestone no. 1, about 10k in the marathon – just warmed up!

Love yez all.

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