FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

0237.59 16400.04 Sillyoloquy

Polaris Lives! or rather, lurks. He’s still in the murk layer but I can just see him. He’s such a seemingly insignificant little pinprick for such an important place in our universe. A bit like the good Taoist leader – he’s out there, leading, but not noticed by the punters – and therefore, presumably, neither loved nor hated, like lesser leaders. I grew up conscious of him from as early as I can remember – my dad, no doubt, had something to do with that. It’s still a bit odd looking for him way below the pointers instead of above.

Ploddin’ along. Still 5 days at least to half way at this rate. For those of you living normal lives, you really just live the days, go to bed and the night takes care of itself without any help from you. Here, we live the nights – really live them, often minute by minute, watch by watch – as well as the days and it all seems to take so much longer. So who’s complaining? More living for one’s dollar perhaps. This gig is different yet the same as the last one. Things distant yet near – near yet distant. Sei Shonagon‘s perceptions are wonderfully acute and they remain relevant after a thousand years and across cultures.

Time passing – I wrote in the last logs about boats having their own language, grammar and syntax. I live and feel and hear this boat and I’m part of the pulse of the living entity. So, it’s really difficult to lose myself in Ipoddery or books or xwords because it cuts me off from the message, the data stream, the story as it unfolds. And time passes more slowly.

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