FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

0748.21 16405.12 later May 5th

Kimbra thanks for ‘stuff’ really useful.

Flogging dead leeches all day – sore fingers ‘n thumbs. And a sailmaker’s needle is a fearsome thing to behold and to use. Stitching rotten along the entire length of the leech and leech line had burst out in a couple of places and not long in others. We mended the bursts with double stitching – really hard work and hard on the hands, and then put a reinforcing line of stitching all the way from the clew almost to the head – will finish tomorrow. Also small compression hole in foil tape where tape passes through feeder when sail fully hoisted. Must be fixed. Knackered.

We seem to be making progress – as long as the wind isn’t too strong and the seas therefore too lumpy and steep, we can track about 015 M which would take us between two Marshall Island atolls and on to Kimbra’s first waypoint. Too early to plan yet.
When I said no more islands, I had forgotten about Wake. Used to be a military base and probably still is.

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