FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

1952.07 16636.11 Things distant…

Things distant yet near – Wake Island, the GW crossword (got soaked seconds after I had unwrapped it – such is life in the old bus shelter). Things near yet distant – Speedy, Kimbra, H, K & E. Things at the very very edge of the universe of contemplation – an eclipse from HMP.

So the dim glow of Wake is way behind us and the open ocean to Amukta ahead, 2207 miles or 22 days @ 4kts. Not a prediction, a fact! Will be a very long 22 days but every boat length gets us closer. We’re still going well, in the trades, further west than planned, but that’s not necessarily bad given the prevailing winds further north. Another 3 degrees north and we’ll be out of the tropics. Tiddly pom! I wonder how intense the stream of depressions up there are at this time of year.

Note for Marty A if you’re reading this – the sexy masthead LED nav lights right next to the vhf aerial completely clobber the vhf – interference on all channels. Can’t use vhf at night unless using aux or no nav lights. Interesting and certainly worth knowing! H, perhaps you could give him a call – might save someone else some grief?

Just about to cross 20N

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