FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

3055.08 17000.56

I think I can see the loom of the Dragon’s eyes just over the NW horizon – murky. baleful jade, this one. When he emerges, I think he’ll swish his tail and change the wind from SE to SW and breathe brimstone and stink at us. A gybe and perhaps 35 kts.

For the very first time since Sydney, we seem to have a freebie – some current behind us. Perhaps half a knot, and not to be sneezed at. We’re clocking 6+ over the ground – noice!

Doug M – fascinating – I’d forgotten that Napoleon might have drowned on a Pacific reef. And yet it has its own skein – because he didn’t, he married Josephine, who encouraged Baudin (interesting man, interesting story – imagine having to run a ship as a revolutionary committee!) – and established her botanical garden with the specimens he brought back.

Carla – thanks – separate email follows, once the dragon has farted. I will transcribe the ISS possibilities into the diary I use as our minimalist log (just a series of noon positions and dmg). This bit of silly bloggery is really the loggery.

So far travelled, so far yet to go. About 12 more days at this speed, but that’s hugely unlikely.

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