FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

3241 17116 Sun 18/05/2008 19:15

What a night – words fail me – atrocious conditions, tho not severe. memories of very low clouds rushing past tiny glimpses of the moon, berri with postage stamp heady rearing and falling as big, closely spaced waves overtook, Katherine, your playlist briefly – liked allelulia – tried to apply all that stuff you taught me – now in northerly drizzle, lumpy, awful, cog about 080. looks as if the next 1000 miles will be like this so we’d better get used to it.

love yez – sorry, Carla, all to hard at the mo…

The Posts have arrived out of order owing to comms: What follows is the previous to this:
3221.00 17114.19 Mon 19/05/2008 19:33
Hove to again. This is where Francis Chichester would have closed down the boat and resorted to a big G & T. What is is about Francis? Chichester, Drake, Joyon, Crozier, Clare? Seafarers of distinction, all.

Keith – You’ve put us in very distinguished company. Hey, Scott, love your work! There’s a marathon I’ve run more times than I care to contemplate that has a finishing straight of about 5 miles but with a little kink in it towards the end. You can sense the finish, feel the buzz, can’t see the end and your body has started to eat itself and rather wants to stop, so it’s just one foot after the other and the finish eventually arrives and it was all worth it. We’ll be the smiley face way out on your eastern horizon – blow it a kiss from the top and take care on the way down! All the very best from Berrimilla.

H – all the best to John. If it’s any consolation, he’s almost certainly having a better time than we are!

And that’s just about where we are. Going nowhere, probably no communications as my iridium link has died and we are out of HF range at the mo so this may never go. One foot after the other – I can sense the Examiner grinning out there as she sharpens her nails with a broken grinding wheel. We are doing exactly what the ancient mariners did all the time – patiently waited until things changed – as they always do eventually. In this instant age, we’ve forgotten about patience.

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