FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

3449.40 16936.06 Wed 21/05/2008 17:46

Everyone knows – don’t we? – that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland is going to destroy the world by creating a mini black hole which will suck in the whole shebang and keep all those tax avoiders and thieving dictators just a bit closer to their funds. Whoopee – will be huge fun while it happens. Meantime, it will be creating wormholes in space so that future life forms can come and visit us in their shiny kevlar suits, sucking on their heated pan galactic gargle blasters as they observe our puny antics. I have to inform you that this has already happened. A future life form, a specially designed cow from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe has been detected by a secret CIA spy satellite at the wormhole periphery ellipse coefficient and sent to a place where it can be quarantined. It seems to have escaped and inadvertently found its way into an abattoir and thence to a soup maker. McQ drank some of it in her Hearty Beef Soup so I think quarantine for her once we get to Dutch. Meantime, a designer Beast in a wormhole? Caroline, doesn’t that stoke the boggle reflex?

We’re motoring north as the haze and grot closes in – wind change today sometime. Electric autopoilot at last gasp and may have to revert ot actually steering the boat ourselves as Kevvo doesn’t do motoring.

PMcQ, the locals have recommended that we take bear spray…When someone convinces me I am wrong, I change my mind…we’ll take some aboard. Should enhance the flavour of the canned stew at least. Would still like to hear from the errant 8%

Carla, thanks heaps. I’ll try to call you in the next day or so – I want to wait till daylight and, if conditions permit, swap sims between handsets just in case that’s the problem.

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