FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

4923.06 17802.55 @1800 ADT, noon tomoz sydney

Thanks very much to everyone offering help and advice. The plan – as it stands – is to motor into the Examiner’s latest little zephyr coming precisely from where we are trying to go – for as long as we can manage given our diesel reserve, keep some in hand for the pass and for the 100 miles or so in the other side to Adak, assuming Customs allow us in for an emergency fuel stop. If they do, we have to stay on the boat and depart once refuelled. Pity, but them’s the breaks – I rather expected as much. I took heart in hand and put the main up again with 2 reefs, having braced the other shroud as well, and we’re trickling along. I thought, earlier on, that things could be worse, it could be raining and the Examiner head me – cold, sleety rain for a bit. The grib – I relented, couldn’t resist it – is not too favourable but AGW’ we’ll make it as far as the pass in the next 2-3 days.
Huge, southern ocean type swell from the NE – not quite losing a cathedral in the hollow standard, but pretty big, and it’s not helping.
Kimbra, I assume the Gary in Seattle is Gary Ramos – I’ll call him and maybe take or send the shroud there if no riggers in Anchorage, as seems likely.
And we’ve raided the goody bag – randomness prevails – and decided that the occasion demanded that we open one of Hilary’s rummy cakes. Rather nice – and it will get us to Dutch.xx I wonder whether, if we do go to Andak, we will be the very first boat – or veeehicle – in the history of the world to travel directly from Sydney to Andak – or, for that matter, to Dutch. A little warm fuzzy for the mighty Berri if so. Certainly seems possible.
We’ve officially changed from Sydney time to Alaska daylight as well – as we are now well and truly here. It’s now 1535 yesterday for all you caffeinators Down There. Old time noon position is now out 1800 position.

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