FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

5059.02 17956.53 Sat 31/05/2008 16:03

Tacked 0615. Stick fully forward, right rudder, mosh pit here we come, accompanied by heavy metal from Kakrafoon. Too tight to sail, so heady rolled away and motoring on about 350 @ about 4kts. Should get us abeam waypoint with lots of sea room and can tack again to lay Gareloi Island – looks like a volcanic cone on the chart. Tracking back towards the IDL – could be one of those days …sday esoht fo eno…one of…

Tom G – please describe the Right Whale – unfortunately we don’t have our cetacean recognition kit. We’ll do our best with fishing gear as well – I hope without any actual contact!
And Chris – thanks for advice – confirms our thoughts – which Chris, incidentally? – and there will indeed be a Con if we make it through. Just not exactly sure I’ve got the tides right, but we’ll find out soon!
Ann – thanks!
E & P OC about 450 ltrs, mostly in jerries also flex tanks on cockpit floor and coachroof.

Don’t want to mess with the chart but we must be almost as far north as the Fastnet, so another first for Berri sometime soon. Glims of daylight – always better when you can see what you’re doing. I need a cuppa and some ritual dunking to while away the next few hours. More as the day unfoldssdslofnu…

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