FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

5059.21 17946.50 The Plan updated Sat 31/05/2008 15:20

We’re still shuffling along on about 110 – intending to keep going until 0400 at least which should put us about on the IDL. Then we’ll tack on to about north which should take us straight up the middle. The tide should be negligible by 0600 and we can – I hope – push on up to the tricky bit about half way through where we can use the engine if necessary to opt for the deeper western side or the shallower east. Daylight around 0600 as well, or what passes for daylight here. Flood tide – again, I hope – from 0900ish. I feel cold and a bit seasick – not nice. Can’t sleep and I’ve lost my Olga knitted beanie that I sleep in. Major tragedy.

Terns are back, and another puffin before dark. Phosphorescence subdued – more cream than fire, but with big sparkles. Grey black night again – merging horizon, bleak, cold overcast. McQ has broken out the emergency snickers and given me my half so that I can hide them from her.

0345 – reassessed and we’ll go on a bit longer. Been lifted so changes angle for next tack.

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