FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

5114.31 17951.20 clenching

Well, nobody expected it to be easy. This is freckle clenching boat breaking stuff and I’ve just parked the boat at this position. We’re pretty much stationary, rolling horribly but otherwise, I think, snug. We’re drifting roughly 170 – 200M, no speed on the GPS. Wind is 20 kts dead bang on the knocker, short (about boat length) steep 2-3 metre waves and poor Berri with 3 reefs and about a mars wrapper of heady + engine was thumping and banging into it, on the damaged shroud. Not severe by Sydney – Hobart standards, but not sensible and no way to go with damaged rig. The grib shows some promise for tomoz, so we’ll sit here until something changes. Prob at least 24 hours. I’ve called Dan at Westward in Dutch and asked him to warn all his fishing boats in the area and I’ve put out a securite call on 4125 and 4149, which are the local frequencies of choice. I’m going to make another cuppa, seeing as we haven’t any gin. McQ blissfully asleep – don’t know how she does it!

This was going to be a dissertation on Party Gear – may work up to that later but will send this to liven up your breakfast muesli.

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