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Some of you may remember my Bering Sea sunset, between the superpowers and behind the Diomedes – dramatic and beautiful and there was the moon setting it all off on the opposite end of the northern horizon.

Just like tonight, but without the drama and at the almost opposite side of the Earth. Gentle sunset behind a bank of wispy cloud low in the west – pale pale pinkish sky – and the moon hanging above the eastern horizon as a tissue paper disc almost invisible in the ambient light. An hour or so later, the eastern sky was a deep bluish grey and the moon had turned golden – blue and gold in the night sky – brilliant light and only one visible star directly above. Golden reflection on the still steepish rolling waves – unusual and striking.

And now it’s all gone normal silver again, with misty glow – not a halo – and some first mag stars just visible. Wow! Crumpled tinsel reflections and birds in silhouette.

Hoonster man – any chance you could join us for an ale in St Mary’s?? Else, if you don’t make Falmouth, I’ll come a looking once I’ve sorted Berri’s winter arrangements there. Won’t fly out for at least a couple of weeks, maybe a month, depending. Then, maybe, I will deliver some carefully preserved beer to Pascal to celebrate inspiration and initiative. Impossible that this entire idea has come together and almost gone in less than a year – this time last year I was working on the LSU Symposium presentation and funking standing on my back legs with Pete in front of all those super achievers.

Ain’t life odd?

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