FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

5150.55 17828.48 1800ADT

DT Adak 96 miles, DTD 448, so still a sizeable chunk of journey to go. Very tempted to bypass Adak but I think that would be foolhardy given the rate of change of weather here. We could almost certainly sail to Dutch without and difficulty – oit’s the ‘almost’ that’s the problem! We may not be allowed to stay for very long when we do get there, which will be ok, although a shame not to have a look around. Will all depend on the ground rules imposed on the Harbourmaster by US Customs.

Gareloi disappeared much faster than it emerged. Just had time to chuck in a couple of reefs as the murk rolled in from the sea and we were again enveloped in grey gloom and sadly I don’t have an equivalent to the lovely photo of Cape Horn looking back to the west into the evening sky But lots of pics – might be able to send from Adak, but more likely Dutch. And I expcet all you all knew from google earth that it has snow on it but it was a lovely surprise for me!

And now we are just – only just – laying Tanaga. I will go speak to kevvo. Having spoke, I’ve started the engine – no point in missing waypoints from this close in. At this speed, about 18 hours to Adak, so around midday tomoz, Monday 2nd. May stuff up a prediction or two, mine included, for ETA Dutch but that’s the kitchen we’re in. There’s something odd about the way the propeller is working – might be covered in grot, kelp who knows – and so might Berri. Will be able to investigate a bit better from alongside a wharf.

So I’ve committed us. Just left a message for Lacy Plummer at Adak that we should be there around midday tomorrow. Foolish, perhaps, given all our experiences in the Aleutian chain but ’tis done. I’m wearing my old 1985 New York Marathon souvenir helly hansen thermal top on my head over my beanie with the arms tied around my neck, to keep the beanie on (nothing else except Epoxy works) and to keep my ears and neck warm until I can find the bag my hats are in. Have to take it all off to make a satphone call – amazingly effective, given the cold draft around my neck – must reinstate it.

We’re 5 miles west of Cape Sajaka on Tanaga – impenetrable grey gloop and nothing to see. We’ll pass about 3 miles north in about 90 minutes. There’s another volcano behind Sajaka, but I don’t think we’ll see it. Once past Sajaka, we’re in the Bering sea proper. Hoooley dooooley!.

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