FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

5354.04 167.40 The finishing straight

McQ back in circulation – good news. Estimating C. Cheerful sometime between 2200 and m/night. Wind has turned at DH, now blowing from NW straight into Unalaska Bay. Examiner again! We’ll take a look and might hide in Wide bay until daylight, tho can’t possibly be as bad in there as out here.

Hard to believe we’re so close! I wonder whether it’s ever been done before. This will probably be the last blog until we get in. Will update Speed and Carla by satphone if my hands not too cold at Cheerful.

Love yez all and thanks for coming along for the ride.

Later – Cape Kovrizhka in sight! The finishing straight. And what a landfall! Big lumpy sea, wind dropping – 18kts or so. Misty sun, sea glowing bottle green as the sun shines through the curling wavetops and a glorious line of snowy volcanoes along the north shore of Unalaska. 6000 miles and worth every inch – distant haze, volcanic cones and snowy ridges shining through. Yeeehaaa! I think I can just see Cheerful – and isn’t it!

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