FROM 2-8. Baffin Bay-Nuuk (Greenland)

7034 06614 and past Cape Horn way down there

Thanks to everyone who sent us congratulations and for Wollaston details. He sounds like an interesting guy and thoroughly deserves all his islands. Unusual for an inventor to get a guernsey though – usually rich sponsors and politicians and ships officers.

Kees – get yourself to Nome with bottle of Chivas and share it with Pat Hahn – he won it for you! His advice was the critical factor in the two or three really good calls we were lucky enough to make.

I hope that we will be in Nuuk by about Wednesday – aiming to stay two nights and fix a few things and get moving again. MJC, might be a good opportunity for your PR person to get in touch?

Hooning downwind at the mo – huge icebergs all around, but the water temp is gradually rising – was up to 5 deg yesterday, now back to 3. Berri damp and a bit dank inside – getting into Pond was a wet experience – but getting lighter and a bit more lively as the days pass. And do they ever pass slowly – for those that know the course, this is the bit that goes from Sandringham into St Kilda in the Melbourne marathon – getting close but goes for EVER and you desperately want to stop running…Should be about 2 days to the Arctic Circle – the longest definition of the NWP is AC to AC. Mine would be more like Beaufort Sea to Lancaster Sound, or perhaps Point Barrow to Bylot Island.

Falmouth predictions will be a bit awry if we do stoop in Nuuk – take mine out by 4 days to midnight on the 21st – happys to K!

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