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Alex - update -a rather dull one

Today will be all about setting up the laptops with the latest Airmail software and, I hope, Canadian weatherfax frequencies. If all that works, some minor fixes inside Berri and we can try out a stowage plan for all the stuff. There’s a lot of it.

Then we have to start packing it – all the papers, charts, gerzillion electrical connections, chargers, gadgets, clothes, wet weather gear, tools, flags, wetsuit, first aid gear, inflatables, books, saved guardian weeklies and new scientists and on and on. Tedious. Plus buy fresh food, collect prescriptions and all the rest.

I intend to arrange for customs clearance for the morning of April 10, after which we have 24 hours to leave the country. If we make that deadline, we’ll be at sea for Yuri’s night but I have organised phone calls to Houston and Baton Rouge.

Kimbra has found us a chart supplier for the Canadian arctic and Pete’s friend Dave has put us in touch with his mates in Alaska – interesting bunch of people with huge knowledge of the area and the oceans around it. Things appear to be moving along.

I have to set up the iridium phone for emergency data downloads today as well and I will post Berrimilla’s iridium phone number before we go. We will not be making too many calls out – too expensive – but if you have deep pockets, you should be able to call us as long as we have sufficient power to keep the phone on.

Will be good to get started – I need some sleep.

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