FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

And up it came, like a daisy through a cowpat…

With Heath Robinson and Dave B as chief advisers, we tilted the boom
so that the mast would take some of the weight, added preventers, a
bit of an old washing machine as a scotchman, huge borrowed strop and
chainhoist, disconnected everything except the electrics, cut some
wooden blocks and shims, added block and tackle from mast inside cabin
to pull forwards – trial lift seemed to work – small adjustment of
strops on top of engine – go for it and up she rose, moved forwards
about a foot and down again on the blocks with the inside tackle
holding the back up. Even then, impossible to get socket on the
Offending Member but got it started with an open spanner and lo! a
bolt in the hand…knife blade hammered between flange and engine,
followed by succession of screwdrivers to break the sealant seal and
off it came.
Woooohooo! Huge thanks to Dave B for loan of bits and pieces and his
immensely valuable time away from the factory.

Now we await the vagaries of the US postal serv ice, meantime
opportunity to clean out engine bay, clean primer pump valves,
troothbrush all the nuts and bolts and engine mounts and do an
inventory of all appendages to ensure that all are properly crossed
that it all goes back together again.

The first step…

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