FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Answers on a postcard Fri 23/05/2008 15:07

Keith – thanks – please pass on my commiserations. I have at least some idea how he must be feeling. Hope he’s ok otherwise.

David W tks. Intend dumping some excess baggage on you for your trip home if ok.

PMcQ I’m 5ft 10ish old scale.

Carla – brewing it is easy – we’ve got a stainless plunger (and a plastic backup!)so as long as you can brace for loong enough to fill the thing, then pluuunge, easypeasy. Then you have to get it and mug out the door into the tempest – not so eastp. But the real problem is cleaning out the plunger afterwards – has to be dunked over the side and that’s a bit fraught in this stuff.

wooo big dunking wave just broke across the boat.

Fiona – nah! Nothing so pansy. This one’s the very latest Henri – lovely bit of kit, just wish

I’d bought a size larger. Must go check the horizon.

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